Ps-i version 2.2 manual

About Ps-i 2.2.

Ps-i 2.2 is an environment for study of agent-based simulations.

The design of Ps-i 2.0 had the following goals in mind:

To achieve these goals the following design decisions were made:

Version 2.2 builds upon its precursor with several improvements:

Ps-i 2.2 model configuration file.

The model file consists of the following sections: Model configuration files are commonly stored with extension .mdl. It is generally recommended that a novice user takes an existing configuration file and use it as a template for constructing description of his/her model. Note that snapshot files (with extension .snp) have identical syntax, but are not meant to be edited by the end user.

Ps-i 2.2 scripting interface

Ps-i 2.2 has the ability to load Tcl/Tk scripts. These files are commonly stored with extension .scp. All standard Tcl/Tk commands are available to the user. In addition, there are a number of commands specific to Ps-i 2.2.