Ps-i 2.4 - agent classes

General description

Each agent has a special discrete attribute called "agentclass type" of an agent. Agentclass type is used in two places - when seeding fields and when defining evolution rules (and, of course, it can be used to construct routines).

Section format

Each agentclass must be declared separately with an agentclass statement specifying the name of the agentclass and values used when seeding fields.


agentclass 'entrepreneur'
	attribute 'immutable' false
	attribute 'inactive'  false
	attribute 'influence' 2
	attribute 'cache'     size(7) random(all)

The agentclass section can only have attribute directives. The format of it is the word attribute followed by the name of the attribute followed by the value specified in the same format as used by default directive from attribute section.


See also About Ps-i 2.4, attribute section.