Ps-i 2.4 - views

General description

View sections describe how a given field should be displayed by the field viewer.

Section format


view 'normal'
	comment 'Displays activated identity in major color and tension in minor'
	type    "display_type"
	color1  "display_cache"
	color2  "display_tension"
	color3  "display_bkg"

The section is composed of the keyword view followed by the name assigned to this view, followed by several directives, followed by the keyword end.

The following directives are available:

This directive has one parameter: comment.
This directive has one parameter: function which return value should be used to specify type of symbol designating a particular agent.
color1, color2, color3
These directives have one parameter: function which return value is used to specify the color used in the symbol of a particular agents. Note: not all symbols make use of all three colors.

The expressions color1, color2 and color3 are also computed when examining an agent with Agent viewer


See also About Ps-i 2.4.